Diet Guidelines To Follow When Opting For IVF

Every fertility treatment requires some lifestyle changes. Though there are no strict rules which are to be followed when it comes to such changes, it is advisable to abide by a few. According to research studies, diet does not affect a woman’s overall fertility mechanism but some foods do have an effect on the same. In short, there are certain foods and ingredients in diet which play a role in improving the fertility. Even when it comes to IVF treatments, the body needs to be fit and healthy for the treatment to show desirable results. Here are some diet guidelines you can follow if you are opting for an IVF treatment.
  •  Keep yourself hydrated

A woman needs to be well-hydrated if she is going through IVF. It is believed that the body needs more hydration when going through IVF. Continuous intake of liquids and water is essential because even that supports the treatment in some way and increases the chances of better results.
  • Intake of proteins

It is known that higher intake of protein affects the results of IVF in a positive way. Having a protein-rich diet helps in smoothening the process of pregnancy. It is best to consume foods like beans, eggs, fish, etc to increase protein content in the body. Proteins are known for producing and supporting hormones that are required for the reproduction process. According to experts, there has to be a daily intake of proteins.
  • Cutting down on caffeine

It is recommended that during the IVF treatment one limits the intake of caffeine. Caffeine consumption is known to affect the success rate of IVF. Only a very limited number of cups should be consumed each day to avoid any hassle at the time of IVF.
  • Say no to alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have several negative effects in ongoing IVF treatments. Even before the start of the treatment, it is necessary to detox. Alcoholic drinks can lead to several ovulatory dysfunctions. Besides the stated, consumption of alcohol can also hinder with the foetus. Alcohol intake might also cause problems in the development of the child.
  • Opt for easily digestible foods

Though eating raw vegetables and fruits is termed as healthy, overconsumption of such foods such be avoided at the time of IVF. It is best to have low-fat dairy products which do not hamper the digestive system and do not cause digestion problems.

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