Top 5 Recruitment Trends in US

Just like every other industry, technology is rapidly changing the recruitment industry. If updating yourself with these trends is not a part of your to-do, your company can never look like a leader to the job seekers. 
Keeping the recruiters on their toes, these are the 5 latest trends in Recruitment:

1.       Innovators

Talking about trends, we cannot miss out on the innovators. Why do firms like Amazon, Google, and Apple have a better than average workforce productivity? It’s because just like their other employees, they look for innovators in hiring teams too.  With their newer ideas, these innovators get the spotlight for the company. They make the firm spot the trends and take the leadership position in the market. It might seem challenging to find such innovators. A robust process and an online recruitment platform can go through scores of resumes on online platforms like LinkedIn

2.       Being Anonymous

Recruitment analytics researchers have found out that the biases can be done away with if an irrelevant information is hidden from the hiring managers. Information like name, school, grades etc. doesn’t hold any relevance in the process of recruiting a candidate for a role.  Personal biases can be done away with written online interviews. This can be a chat or a questionnaire.  This information can be recorded in an intelligent recruitment analytics tool. You can easily select the information you would want the hiring manager to see. 

3.       Sourcing via Social Media 

      Social media has brought in a significant shift in sourcing talent. With social networks, it is easier to track down ‘passive candidates’. An HR analytics tool can not only help track resumes and cover letters but also track a person’s social interactions.  Recruiters have to upgrade to tools compatible with social media platforms.

4.       Video in Recruitment  

      Online video consumption is increasing rapidly, especially on mobile. It is more impactful and engaging.  Many firms applied the video strategy in 2016 to portray the people and the culture of a firm.  Though the trend of video resumes started way back in 2010, the game was switched up in 2016.  Also, it is easier for candidates giving remote interviews. 

5.       Mobile Recruitment

As the world goes mobile, why shouldn’t recruit? Speaking of video resumes, more and more companies are accepting this practice.  Mobile recruitment is a time-saver. The candidates and hiring managers can take the interviews from anywhere at any decided time. No more long queues of interview lineups and waiting.  It is even easier when these are anonymous interviews.

All of these trends will have to be customized for your firm. What worked for others might not work for you. A powerful HR analytics tool that keeps updating with the requirement of your firm can help you fetch stronger insights into such trends. 


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