The Three Most Widely Used Fertility Treatments

With medical advancements, infertility cases have seen numerous treatment options. Among these, IVF, IUI, and fertility drugs are some of the more commonly used treatment options. With treatments getting better though advancements, a number of couples have restored their faith in fertility treatments by getting treated at the best San Diego fertility clinic with great results.

Here’s how these treatment options benefit couples:

The Use of Fertility Drugs
Fertility drugs are known to enhance the chance of conceiving. With most infertility cases being caused due to ageing and other such factors, fertility drugs are exactly what is needed to help women in aiding the process of ovulation and men in boosting sperm count. These can be injected or administered in the form of pills. These are also the first treatment options opted for in cases of infertility due to their convenience and affordability.

In-vitro Fertilization Treatment
The process of in-vitro fertilization has seen great results with a number of people, including famous personalities, opting for this procedure. This procedure involves the extraction of sperm and eggs from the parents or from the donors chosen by the prospective parents. The eggs and sperms are fused together in a laboratory after which they undergo tests to determine which ones are competent to get the best results. The best zygotes are then implanted within the woman participating the procedure. This particular treatment option is perfect for women who are older than 35 years of age and wish to become mothers. Couples going though infertility issues of a serious kind can also become parents through this method. With the egg being fertilized outside the womb, couples can also opt for surrogacy in cases where the fallopian tube is damaged or scarred beyond repair. 

Intrauterine Insemination
Intrauterine insemination makes use of washed sperm that is inserted in the uterus. This procedure is accompanied by a prescription of fertility drugs that help enhance your chances of fertility. With a simple procedure that is painless and quick, the procedure is ideal for couples where the male partner has genetic defects which they do not wish to transfer to their child. Single women can also benefit a great deal from this particular treatment with the help of donor eggs.

With these treatments giving couples and individuals the chance to make their dreams of parenthood come true, consulting a specialist to find the most suitable option for you can help you get the best results.


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