Vital Facts You Need to Know about Egg Freezing San Diego

If you have ever read about freezing of eggs in any medical journals then there are chances that you might be interested in conceiving children at a given point. Today, you may not have reached that point or may never have to face such a situation but informing oneself is probably the best thing one can ever do. Now is pretty much the time. Women in today’s hectic times have many interests that are competing relating to fertility. Each of you may have the desire to have pregnancy prevented until you are certain and ready. As age advances women face infertility. Hence they are resorting to this wonderful process of oocyte cryopreservation or egg freezing. This process aims at having the oocytes or eggs extracted and keep them frozen as a method for preserving the potential of reproduction. It is not anymore any experimental procedure but has real implications. Here is all that you need to know.

Ovarian Hyper stimulation
The egg freezing in San Diego is done my fertility specialists that perform overall ovarian assessment for estimating the oocyte’s potential yield prior to the stimulation cycle of the ovaries. The preservation process for patients happens when ovarian hyper stimulation happens. This involves taking in medications that are injectable regularly for simulating the ovaries so that multiple follicles are developed. Woman is monitored to have vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests till follicles have undergone growth adequately. At this particular time, she gives herself one final injection that is known as trigger shot. This shot helps in egg preparation within follicles that are developing for the retrieval. After thirty six hours approximately, the eggs shall be removed in quick procedure.

Embryo transfer
The process of egg freezing in San Diego is followed by transfer of embryo after retrieval of eggs. Embryologist has each egg identified and then they are prepared for freezing. Finally, they are frozen in particular time and shall reflect the age of a woman always, at that particular time when they are being frozen. The eggs shall not reflect the woman’s age for when they are used and thawed. As and when she is ready for using the eggs, these are thawed and a sperm fertilizes it. Consequently, they are transferred back in the uterus during a very quick procedure known as embryo transfer.

Preservation of fertility has become quite mainstream
The entire preservation of fertility process has made waves and is quite rampant with women being encouraged to explore this option. Many doors have been opened due to this process regarding fertility issues.


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