Latest Developments in IVF Treatments

IVF or in-vitro fertilization has lately become a much sought-after treatment to cure infertility. While the procedure has been perfected enough to have increased the rate of success of the treatment a great deal, The other transformations it has brought about and the many developments in the procedure have led to the elimination of many risk factors and hindrances to the success of the treatment.

A number of clinics offer the best in-vitro fertilization treatment in San Diego with guaranteed results and a positive track record that speaks for them. Among all of the latest developments in the treatment of IVF, here are some that have been a boon to couples everywhere:

Screening of Genetic Disorders Beforehand

With IVF being a tricky procedure that requires as much as care as possible, carrying out procedures to check on the baby have been a difficult and risky task. With technological developments, however, figuring out potential genetic risks and disorders has become a possibility even before the embryo is implanted within the uterus. A pre-implantation diagnosis allows specialists to perform tests which help them identify chromosomal abnormalities and more.

Increased Success Rates of Frozen Eggs in IVF Treatment

The concept of frozen eggs has evolved a great deal from what it was before. Where people were once skeptical about using donor eggs or frozen eggs for fertility treatments, the increased rates of success of the IVF treatment using frozen eggs has brought about a change in the mindsets of people. The development in the egg freezing methods have been a great help in ensuring this increased success rate.

Awareness Regarding Embryo Donation

This has been yet another achievement in the IVF treatment procedure. To increase the chances, the doctors often fertilize more than one egg at a time. However, only a few embryos are implanted within the uterus amongst all of the ones fertilized. What has become a great boon for many couples is thatembryos that are left unutilized are donated. The growing awareness of embryo donation has made it possible for a number of couples to become parents.

With the treatment of in-vitro fertilization, all of these developments have made treating infertility a step easier. From creating an awareness about embryo donation and egg freezing to figuring out the genetic abnormalities before the child is conceived, IVF as a fertility treatment has brought about a number of positive changes.


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