A Glimpse into the Different Types of Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder that can turn a life upside down. With the many types of anxiety prevalent, here is how one can recognize the different types.

Phobia:Phobia are irrational fear of things. These are more specific and intense than general fear. Phobias can be of a number of types, such as fear of heights, fire, spiders, enclosed spaces, etc. While phobia is not always counted as anxiety, if the fear interrupts one’s life or disrupts it in any way, treatment for anxiety may be needed.

Panic Disorder:  Panic disorders are quite different from the usual panicking, which is a symptom of GAD. These are mental and physical manifestations that can be triggered by stress or even something insignificant. The manifestation may be severe enough to warrant hospitalization.

General Anxiety Disorder: General anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most common type of anxiety. This type of anxiety affects million worldwide in the form of mental tension, nervousness, physical tension, etc. Any kind of stress that negatively impacts or affects your life can be a sign of your suffering from general anxiety disorder.

PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is anxiety that stems from having witnessed or having been in an accident, or losing someone close. There may be numerous reasons why PTSD makes an occurrence in one’s life. However, if someone suffers from this type of anxiety, taking PTSD treatment online may be required.

OCD: OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder makes one indulge in behavior that is repetitive and obsessive without any reason. This may often seem confusing to others as well as the person suffering from the disorder. The obsession mixed with the compulsion can be destructive in certain cases, making it vital to be treated at the earliest sign.

Social Phobia: A fear that arises due to the prospect of appearing in society or due to social situations is common among quite a number of people. In cases where this phobia goes beyond just being timid of shy in public, with an intense fear that may seem stressing or painful, social phobia may be a prevailing anxiety disorder.

Agrophobia: This is a fear of unfamiliar people or places. People who often feel vulnerable outside their homes to the point where they stop activities that interest them to be within the comfort of their homes may suffer from agrophobia.

These anxiety disorders, when diagnosed or recognized, must be treated by professionals or through online therapy for anxiety that can help you get life back to normal.


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